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Hi my name is Rachael! Pronounced Rachel. I'm a loving LEO! Born July 28, 1978 - I'm 42 years old and live in a small town in New Jersey. I graduated high school in 1997. I create websites for a hobby. I love doing it. I also love Alfred Hitchcock presents and The twilight Zone. Two of my favorite shows. Below are just some facts about the site. I don't put too much info out that, lol. But hope you will enjoy the site and continue to come back soon! God bless!

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I constantly use Paint Shop Pro 8. It's a good art program. I also not that long ago download a copy of photoshop cs6 Extended. I love it. I missed using photo shop. But have it again! You can download photo shop from this site getintopc

Lady Diana-
Lady Diana is a Princess Diana tribute site! I create icons, facebook covers, etc. Please look around. I loved her. Such a wonderful woman. :) Hope you all will leave me messages. Thanks and Enjoy the site.

I'm hosted by the lovely Karmen @ I highly recommend her as a host. She's great and very reliable. Thanks Karm

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